Our Mission 

Arius Juan was created to address the outward expression of people who feel they do not fit in. Inspired by two kids who didn’t grow up with fashionable items who quickly found themselves to be “underrepresented”, we are striving to represent that group of people all around the world and challenge them to create no matter the circumstances.

As a fashion company, we aim to address the uniqueness of being authentic. Every item is a self expression crafted by Jujuan Lewis to signify the creative aspects in the world.  No matter the situation, we motivate everyone to think out of the box and produce forms of art.   Be you - that's all.  


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Arius Juan

The underrepresented are an intricate piece of our society but have no place to truly express themselves. Complexity is not a weakness, yet a strength deemed by society as abnormal. Whose to tell us who we are meant to be? 

Whose to say what is normal? Fashion is a way to find your strength and freely express yourself in ways the world can’t understand. 

- Jujuan Lewis

"Creativity is a product of our darkest and deepest fears, found in the light."