Taka Highlights

Available for Pre-Order Summer 2021

Taka Highlights By 

Arius Juan

From the Japanese word "Taka" meaning falcon, an expression of the sky, we created the Taka Highlights. They are simple, classical, modern, fashionable shoes that produce comfortability and style.  

The Taka Highlights represent the highlights of our lives as we continue to go through unimaginable trials and tribulations. The colors represent the light that shines through the dark times in our lives.

Inspired by Modern Day Simplicity

" I want to remember the good moments to carry them into the deepest darkest ones, showing there is a light on the other side. When we keep life simple, the complicated parts are often solved. Live in the moment and understand that you are here for a reason." 

- Jujuan Lewis

Taka highlights